The Art of Getting Lost

These landscapes are produced using the 19th Century Cyanotype and Gum Bichromate printing processes. I savor the tactile pleasures of making art by hand: building images with multiple layers of brush-applied emulsions. I believe that certain works of art created by a human touch may contain a resonance of that touch: a discernible, lingering aura.

Each print starts as a sheet of watercolor paper, coated by hand with a layer of Cyanotype emulsion. The paper is contact printed with a full size negative and exposed in sunlight for several minutes. After development, an image appears in rich Prussian Blue. The print is then coated with a layer of Gum Bichromate solution (containing green gouache pigment) and contact printed in sunlight. This second exposure rests in register on top of the blue image and the print takes on natural tones of greens. A third exposure is made in brown pigment and now reveals a landscape containing warm, natural tones of wood. A final exposure is made in black, deepening just the shadows of the scene. Four exposures are made over several days to produce these handmade prints. The resulting artwork is very archival, comprised of permanent Winsor Newton gouache pigment printed on watercolor paper.

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Stevens Creek, California
Sycamore Leaves, Los Gatos Creek
Sycamore Leaf, gum handmade book
Vines, Villa Montalvo
Redwood Roots, Santa Cruz Mountains
Saguaros, Papago Mountains, Arizona
Desert Teepees New Mexico, gum book
Villa Montalvo Statue
Teepee, Santa Cruz Mountains
Fallen Teepee, Santa Cruz Mountains
Ivy Covered Tree, Vasona Park
Fallen Trees, McCloud River
Stevens Creek, Eroded Roots
Fallen Fort, Santa Cruz Mountains
Monte Sereno Roots
Beaver Dam, Truckee River, Tahoe
Driftwood Sticks, Big Sur
Paper Boats, Los Gatos Creek
Horses, San Luis Obispo
Rainbow Trout, Lake Tahoe
Tree Fort, Monte Sereno
Tires, Sierra Nevada
Chaco Canyon Ruins, New Mexico